Welcome to SoapVille!!

Hi! I'm Soap, and the website that you're currently on is the little cave that I've excavated for myself on the World Wide Web. I fit perfectly inside it. This website is a form of self-expression, a digial journal, and a fun hobby to keep myself busy all at the same time. While you're having a look around, please keep in mind these words by Tara from Blogspot:"… but remember that I'm writing this for me, so do not be critical of something you do not need to read. In fact it is a privilege to read someone else's journal."

In order to create this space for myself I've had to learn HMTL and CSS from scratch, so bear with me here if some stuff is a bit wonky. Let's just say that it adds character. I'm trying my best and always making little tweaks all around the place. If you'd like to talk to me about anything or just say hi, you can do so by leaving me a message on my Guestbook or in the Chatbox. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship! I'll be waiting!

  • 19 May:
    Added a new Guestbook.
  • 16 May:
    Made slight changes on the homepage.
  • 13 May:
    Added the blog entries I had written and updated navigation bar.
  • 12 May:
    Made a page for blog entries.
  • 19 April:
    Moved around a bunch of stuff. Added buttons and a progress log.
  • 18 April:
    Fixed mobile view for the homepage.
  • 17 April:
    Changed background and fixed layout. Added a guestbook and chatroom.
  • 14 April:
    Added frame around text and made a basic layout.
  • 12 April:
    Added a background image and a shortcut icon.
  • 11 April:
    The birth of my website! I birthed it.