welcome to my freaking BRAIN. i'm soap and the website that you're currently on is the little cave that i've excavated for myself on the world wide web. i fit perfectly inside it. this website is a form of self-expression, a digital journal, and a fun hobby to keep myself busy all at the same time.

while you're having a look around, please keep in mind these words by tara from blogspot:"… but remember that i'm writing this for me, so do not be critical of something you do not need to read. in fact, it is a privilege to read someone else's journal."

the only thing of interest on this website as of right now is my blog, so check that out if you want. it wasn't always this empty. i removed pretty much everything from this page because it was starting to piss me off. i'll rebuild it when i feel like it, but for now i don't have much to offer. enjoy anyway =]

oh and participate in my sleepytime survey. please. it's important.