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08-07-22 1:35am
appreciating life

i went out the other night with no purpose, got off at a random train stop and walked around a random neighborhood for half an hour. it had been a while since i'd done that and it just felt like it was time again. a long train ride followed by a long walk and a mental chitchat with god. i came across a drawing on a pole that i believe was a sign and it's comforted me about something that i was not too sure about before. i guess i just needed something to show me i was doing the right thing. a couple days after that, me and my friend visited an art museum and a tall historical tower. the ferry ride back at night with all the shining far away city lights felt very special, making dumb jokes and not caring about the people that can hear us laugh, having run all the way down to the coast to catch the last boat. also in the museum i saw this written on a wall and i liked it:

- is he as cute as his e-mail?
- i hope she likes my war games.

it's nice to get out of my head sometimes. the world is beautiful. on the night i was walking around the city it almost made me cry how beautiful the world is. i wrote this down in my notes: "life is precious and the passage of time terrifies me."