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25-07-22 12:19am
noisy neighborhood

i don't like the area i live in. it's mostly because of all the noise, not just any noise, it's noise that gives me this weird feeling of dread. a while back almost every single night as i tried to fall sleep i would hear this cat crying into the night. it sounded pretty close but i could never see anything when i looked out my window. i assume it was the same cat every time, though sometimes i would also hear it fighting with other cats, random echoes of hissing and screeching. i've always thought about getting up and going looking for it one night but i just never did. this kept going for a while until one day it just stopped. i hope it was never in pain.

another thing is people yelling. it always makes me feel horrible. my neighbors (a mom and her two sons) fight almost daily and i can hear every single word of it. very unstable family. just listening to it messes with my head, i can't imagine what it's like actually living in there.

and tonight there was this man, yelling out incomprehensible gibberish, repeating it to himself like some kind of song. i think he was marching up and down the streets because i would hear his voice growing more and more distant until it disappeared, and then it would come closer again. i sat by my window with my lights off and listened to this man for about 15 minutes before he went silent. i caught a glimpse of him as he went under a streetlight, he was just stumbling around, dragging himself very slowly. probably just a drunk homeless man. made me feel weird for some reason. ugh. i don't know. i don't like this place.