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25-07-22 7:52pm
new beginnings

i played the piano for the first time in a long time today. it's a not-that-great-sounding digital piano that's around 5-6 years now and i've been neglecting it for the past couple of months. i don't even know why, i guess i'm just not that excited about it anymore. i think a new piano would really rekindle my passion for it but they're just so crazy expensive. i want a big grand piano and also a pipe organ the size of a room. if a god or something is listening... make it happen. please?

i trimmed my hair yesterday which is something i have been refusing to do for the longest time. i haven't had my hair this long since i was a kid and i think i was hanging onto it just because of that. it didn't look good, the ends felt like straw between my fingers but still i was willing to have dead but long hair rather than healthy but a couple inches shorter hair. i know it's dumb but i have problems. i was washing my hair last night and i just knew that it was time. right after i cut it i was like, why didn't i do this so much sooner, but i know that if i had done it one day before i was ready it wouldn't have felt right. i believe this marks the end or start of something.