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09-09-22 5:34pm

i want to blog about what's been happening and how i've been feeling but i have no idea where to start or how to go about putting it into words. i've had an interesting week. at first it was very scary and confusing, the first night was a mess and it felt like nothing was going according to the plan, silent crying in the bathroom etc etc, but then the sun came up, a couple of cats visited us, we found a new place to stay, and things stopped feeling so wrong. from that point onwards everything all fell into place and i made nice memories that will stick with me for a long time. looking back now the whole thing just sort of feels like a dream - this feeling i have right now is exactly the way i feel when i try to recall a dream after 12 hours of sleep, some key moments standing out but mostly just a blur. i've had my little adventure and now i'm back. oh and it was my birthday 3 days ago. that was cool too. i went home for the day and ate yummy cake.

september checked off the list. still doesn't feel real.