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14-09-22 2:23pm
end of summer

this summer felt like it went by so quickly yet at the same time like it lasted for at least 3 years. the weather is getting cooler and school starts next monday... everyone's dreading it but i'm kind of excited. i want to actually study and do well this semester. i know people always say that but it's real when i say it ok? you need to believe me. i chose all morning classes for this semester which will either be a blessing or a curse. i'm hoping that maybe being forced to wake up early and go outside every day will help put me on a normal schedule of living and become a normal person again. i reaaally hope this doesn't backfire. if future me is reading this back right now and it did backfire... ummm... sorry :3

i need to go shopping soon because i want to buy some school supplies and a new adapter for my piano and also new boots. my current boots hurt me every time i wear them but i also love them very dearly so i'm hoping to find something that looks and feels similar. i'm in a toxic relationship with my boots and this needs to end. oh and i want padded shorts so i can continue learning to skate without fear of injuring my tailbone again. because it SUCKED when that happened. have you ever fallen flat on your ass on concrete? i have. twice.

okay and what else? ummm... i made a video about aliens taking over the world and uploaded it to youtube yesterday. i came across an old voice recording of myself reading out some stuff from a crazy conspiracy blog and decided that i wanted to make something out of it, so i did. you can check it out here. this is what i've been hyperfixated on for the past two days so i hope my total of two youtube subscribers will appreciate it. it feels good to be making stuff again even if it's something silly like this. happy happy girl. i want to jump up and down.