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27-10-22 11:21pm
happenings in my life

i think my favorite color has shifted from orange to purple without me realizing. i came to this conclusion at school today when i looked at my purple notebook next to my purple backpack and my purple pencil in my hand with my purple painted nails. either that or it's just because purple is a very safe color and i am subconsciously drawn to it. i bought three new colors of nail polishes the other day and one of them is a cute light purple which is the one on my nails right now. i've always been insecure about having small hands and weird nails but since i've started putting more effort into making them look pretty i think it's made me become more confident. so yay for nail polish. i also bought cat ears off the internet and they are so cutie. i got them because of an inside joke but i actually enjoy wearing them so i guess it's not a joke anymore :3c

the past two days have been so very tiring. yesterday i was with my friend who i hadn't seen in so long because i was sick and then she was sick and then some other things but we finally caught up yesterday and went to the thrift shop and hung out and it was loads of fun. i have the most fun when i'm with her even when we are doing something silly like smelling random bottles of hair cream at the drugstore. and today i had 4 hours of russian so my brain has been turned into mashed potatoes. feeling like i've died a thousand deaths. i was on a call with dear friend number two just now and i told him i feel like a piece of coral in an underwater nursing home. he understood. i hope you also understand.