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17-11-22 9:14pm

today wasn't so great. okay i'll be honest with you, today SUCKED. it was just one of those days where nothing went right. i woke up and immediately just felt horrible. i didn't want to leave my bed because i knew i had 5 (!) consecutive hours of classes ahead of me, but i had already skipped one class this week and another the week before and i didn't want my parents to think i was starting to slack off. i felt so bad the whole ride to school that i just felt like crying. poor little me. my life is sooo hard.

imaginary soapville blog entries reader: but soap, people have to do this every day just to earn a living to survive, don't you think you're being a little dramatic?
my hypothetical response to that hypothetical question: NO, alright?! just because other people have it worse doesn't mean i can't complain! AGHH!

i wrote this in my notes at 9:32am: "this is so bad. i wish i had just listened to my gut and stayed at home today. everything is so wrong. i feel terrible. ugh. and i think i'm getting sick. why is god doing this to me." that was right before i went into my interpreting class. luckily it's a class i actually enjoy so by the time it ended i wasn't feeling as horrible. then i had two hours of russian... which was alright... though by the end of it i was kind of just blankly staring into space. and then i was all like, well, at least it's over, time to finally go home, but no, because i somehow managed to get on the wrong bus. i need you to understand, at this point i was so incredibly desperate to just get home already, eat something, cuddle with my cat and put this day behind me, so when i realized this it literally felt like a cosmic fuck you for me specifically. actually i'm 99.9% sure i got on the RIGHT bus, but for some reason the bus just decided to not go where it was supposed to go. i have been taking the same bus almost every day for the past almost two years so i KNOW where they all go, ok! it was like some dimensional shift happened while the bus was on the road and it just started going the wrong way. i'm telling you. this kind of thing doesn't just happen. i'm certain it was an elaborate ploy of some kind.

but i got home after all. i lost about 30 minutes of my time because of the wayward bus but it wasn't the end of the world. ok now so picture this, you're me, you've had a long long day, and yes, right when you thought it was over you got screwed over by god once again, but you've finally made it home, you're standing in front of the door, you twist the key and step inside... and you're greeted by the sound of intense drilling coming from right above your head. at this point i wasn't even mad, i just let out a slight chuckle as if to say, yeah alright, i see how it is. the drilling went on for about two hours by which point it had just become ambient noise music for me. i decided i would reward myself with some mcdonald's and then i dropped my burger on the floor right as i was getting ready to eat it. i don't even know how. it just like... jumped out of my hand. and you know what i did? i picked it up, put it back together, and i ate that burger. i ate it so good. i also spilled some coke on myself a couple moments after that but i'm pretty sure that was just me being clumsy and i can't really blame that on god. everything else, though...

so that was my day. i hope yours was better. it did give me something to blog about so i guess it wasn't all bad. and when i had to get off at a random stop i helped a man figure out how busses work and possibly saved him from being stranded forever at a bus stop, so maybe it was like... divine intervention... or something. with all of that behind us now, back to the present time, i have an exam tomorrow and i am really really really not feeling like studying for it. i just can't bring myself to. i will be at school two hours before the exam so i'm just leaving it all for future me to figure out right before it starts. it's her problem now. but i will be a good past self and do my part which is just going to sleep now before it gets too late. here's hoping for better tomorrows. good freaking night.