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24-11-22 3:34pm
i deserve a little rest

what i love the most in this world is doing absolutely NOTHING. it sucks that it's seen as laziness when this is the ideal state of being for humans. it's true. the science says it. i didn't go to school today and i'm also not going to school tomorrow which then connects to the weekend so that is four whole days of resting. society doesn't want to give me a break but i'm taking it anyway. i deserve it. yesterday started at 4am for me with an EARTHQUAKE. yes. earthquake. i was sleeping like everyone else when i started hearing this weird sound like something was hitting my window and in my half-awake state i thought maybe it was hailing or something. i just laid in my bed and stared at my window like o_o until the noises stopped. i tried to just go back to sleep but couldn't so i got up and found my parents already up and watching the news which were all covering the same thing. i didn't really feel the shaking so it didn't even register in my head what had happened until i saw it on the news. i went to school a couple hours after that and of course it was all everyone was talking about. it wasn't anything all that serious but it still kind of shook all of us. no pun intended.

after my class i met up with my friend and we went to the thrift shop again and shared a cup of coffee and then spent the evening being silly at a big playground while it rained. she fell off a swing and i laughed at her instead of helping because i'm a bad friend. on the train ride home i had an uncontrollable coughing fit which was embarassing because everyone totally thought that i had covid. after getting off the train and walking in the rain some more, i finally got home, got some food in me and tucked myself in at 10pm. i decided right then that there was no way i would go to school tomorrow. then i had a dream that me and a bunch of other people were kidnapped by the devil and i betrayed my group and became the devil's side piece. i have a lot of dreams where bad people want to do bad things to me but i end up joining their team instead. i don't know what that means. i slept for about 10 hours but i feel like i could have slept for a good 14 if it wasn't for not wanting to ruin this half decent sleep schedule my morning classes have given me. my shoulders are very sore from carrying my brick of a russian textbook all day yesterday. but you shouldn't waste your precious free time whining. today's objective is to have fun and relax.