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31-01-23 1:15am
waiting to be unpaused

i wake up 11:30am almost on the dot every single day these days no matter what time i go to sleep. it's actually kind of annoying because then i start feeling tired at night around 1am (right about now...) so i can't fully enjoy my night time alone time finally-some-peace-and-quiet me time. i kind of miss the days where my sleep schedule was upside down, where i would go to sleep at 7am and wake up in the evening. it's crazy that this has become nostalgic for me now, up all night talking to people on the world wide web. my next semester starts next week so i'm really trying to appreciate this chill and relax time while i've still got it. i'll be real - my last semester was a joke! i had only 5 classes and all i had to do to get A's in almost all of them was the absolute bare minimum. it was so easy in fact that i decided to apply for a minor program + take german this semester just so i would have More Things To Do. and i'll see how all of it comes together in a couple of days when i'll be selecting my classes... how exciting! :]

i have been doing pretty much nothing this week and also the week before. my friend was supposed to come over tonight but i told her not to because i just want to keep marinating in this state of doing nothingness. me cancelling our sleepover lead to more fun things for her anyway. um. yeah. i have been watching the last of us show. it's pretty good. i haven't watched the latest episode yet but everyone's saying that it made them cry so i have that to look forward to. also i should say that i know i was pretty dramatic in my last post and i wanted to put a little update here that i feel better about everything now. i think i was just seeing everything through 4am glasses when i wrote all that. yeah. i'm ok. things are ok. i hope they will continue to be ok. oh and i forgot to mention in my last post that i uploaded a youtube video montage on my channel - it has birds! it's a cute little tribute video for a cute little day that i had with someone. here it is in case you want to check it out. coool. i've missed talking to you, whoever you are.