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18-02-23 1:38am
*grabs you by the shoulders* listen to me.

gah! i have fallen victim to the having-no-responsibilities-therefore-having-no-schedule conundrum again! it's okay. i pick myself up once again. some stuff that has happened in the time i wasn't blogging here: it snowed, i learned to appreciate vegetables, there was a massive (and i mean, massive!) earthquake -> school was cancelled for two weeks... and now we are at the end of those two weeks. oh and i remade my tumblr blog. *hides in the shadows* i knoww i know, me of two months ago is screaming at me for that decision but i'm having fun on there right now so it's fine. it's chill. i'll stop posting the second it stops being fun. i prommy.

i have attempted a couple times in these two weeks to do a complete sleep reset (also acting as a spiritual reset) and FAILED. epic fail. tonight i try again. andd.... since i mentioned it in my last post, the minor program thing i applied for ended up not working out for reasons i was too lazy to investigate, and i'm also postponing taking german till next semester... so basically all that big talk was for nothing. but we stay strong. as always i believe things happen the way they do for a reason. i baked cookies today. it was kind of a fail but they're still edible. just not very good. ah well.

from this day onwards i will write more often here, i swear ON MY LIFE. just so you know i'm serious. so goodbye - FOR NOW. i'll be back - SOON.