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19-02-23 9:52pm
see? i'm keeping my promise

i organized and cleaned my whole room today. i went through all of my clothes and got rid of a big pile of them, i cleaned out my drawers and the stuff on my table and also all my books. and i cleaned my window so i can actually see through it now. hehe just kidding it wasn't that bad. so, i have a lot of russian books, right? cause i'm learning russian and i hope one day to be able to read them... well a couple of months ago my mom got me this russian book about jehovah's witnesses. unintentional of course because she didn't know. so i didn't know what to do with this book all this time but i've decided now to carve out the pages and turn it into a box of some sorts. today i made my own glue and glued all the pages together (3 coats cause the glue wasn't that great) and left it to dry, and tomorrow i'm going to paint it and carve out all the pages >:) i love destroying books. jk but this is a cult book so it's fine.

tomorrow is the first day of the new semester and i'm so nervous anxious excited. idk why. most of my classes will probably be online but the one tomorrow is interpreting so i have to be physically there. i've decided that i'm going to be more social this time around. tomorrow i'm going to go to class and i am going to talk to people and make friends. i am not going to just sit in a corner like i always do, i'll go up to people i recognize and talk to them. yes. good plan. ok. i'll update you on how that goes. bye bye.