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21-02-23 4:01pm
hey! over here!

hiiii :3 i'm in a good mood today do you want to know why? remember that minor program i applied for..? yesterday i learned that my application WAS ACCEPTED!!! i had fully given up on it so i was like WUH!? when i logged in to the school's website and saw the Accepted text. i don't know what took them so long to let me know but, whatever! i'm just glad it all worked out so all that big talk WASN'T for nothing. today i went in for the whole registration process which took about an hour when it could have been 10 minutes (don't even get me started...) and now all that's left to do is to choose my classes. i don't have an advisor right now which is kind of weeeeird but once i have one i'll discuss everything with them. OH MY GOD just as i was typing this i got appointed my advisor. all is good. thank you god.

so umm... i haven't been able to make any friends yet like i'd said because i've taken all my classes online so far... womp womp. BUT SOON. i'll actually go face to face and it'll happen. i'm telling you. yeah. i'm still working on the book carving thing - i've realized that it's actually a lot of work to carve into a brick sized book so not quite the two-day project like i'd originally thought. but that's ok. slowly but surely. i just had my first russian class of the semester and realized i've actually missed school. now to rest a little bit and then tonight i'm going to watch jurassic park 2. i'm happy. just a little update and letting you know that i'm happy. see you lators alligators :v