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07-03-23 2:02pm
epic fail

alright, story time. so, last week my advisor advised me (hehe get it?) that i take an elective course this semester so i was like okay my lovely advisor, i will do that for you. there are way more elective courses available in PR than for my actual major but after some deliberation i settled on ~popular culture and media~ because i thought it sounded interesting and it fit perfectly into my already existing schedule. so today was first day of class. well not The first day but My first day. my first problem arised when i realized i didn't know how to join the online meeting for the class. my first move was to check the university's website. let me set the scene for you. the class starts at 1pm and it's 12:59. only me and one other person in the meeting.

(typing in the chat)
me: hey where's the class?!
other person: idk it's my first time here
me: me too!!
*a minute of silence*
me: so what do we do?
*three more minutes of silence*
other person: typing...
other person: (google meet link)
me: THANK YOU!!!!!

so i joined the class at 13:09. immediately the teacher is in a yelling type of mood. "were you guys waiting for an invitation to join? look at the time. where were you?" silence. "i'm not accepting any more people after this." and then he proceeded to not accept any more people in the meeting. i'm like, ok, quirky teacher, but i'll see it thorugh. "next week's class might be cancelled cause i'm being sued and i legally have to show up at court. just letting y'all know." okay. interesting. then he starts going on about some homework and asking if we did it so i type in chat "hey this is my first time here," to point to the fact that i don't know what homework he's talking about, and he goes "oh you're new? well i've explained it now so you know what to do." (he had not explained anything) (i did not know what to do). i'm thinking, okay, he's kind of old so maybe he just thinks he did and i'll remind him to explain at the end of the class. it's fine.

he starts the class. while listening i'm thinking to myself, this is a weird class. i don't think the things he's talking about have much to do with the actual contents of the course but i don't want to assume since i wasn't there for the first two weeks. he asks a question. no answer. he asks it again. silence. "is it really that hard to answer? not one of you can speak up? it's a simple yes or no for god's sake. this is why the youth is failing." i'm in disbelief. laughing to myself. he continutes describing several other things while maintaining a passive aggressive tone of voice. at this point i'm considering just quitting mid-class and then dropping the course. the little red x at the top of the class meeting has never looked so clickable. i hover my mouse over it and... click. goodbye bitter old man. i simply do not appreciate your bad vibes. i will not put myself through this for the whole semester. i type out my experience flow of consciousness style and send an email to my advisor about how i can drop the course. aaaaand scene.