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16-03-23 12:05pm

today i feel so... bleeegh. my theories as to why are: 1) first day of my period, 2) went to sleep hungry and still haven't eaten, 3) 9am class, 4) depressing march weather. but i'm determined to make it better. my mom's making me soup right now so i know i'm going to feel so much better after slurping up some nice soup. also i'm going to replay oneshot tonight. oneshot is my comfort game of all time and i haven't touched in years so it's like i've been specifically saving it for this day. CANNOT wait. except i can. and i am. waiting. patiently.

i'm very grateful that i can join my classes online this semester. people hate on online classes and i don't understand why, i can wake up at 8:59am for my 9am class if i want to, i can eat and drink whatever i want, i can put a video game ost as background music, i can color my pixels while listening to the teacher... so nice so easy. my least favorite thing about school is leaving the house anyway. it takes a lot out of me to go to school and back. plus i feel like i'm always kind of worried with how i present myself to give my full focus to the class. i'll be thinking does my hair look ok, am i sitting weirdly, are people looking at me and stuff like that and i've already lost track of the class. i don't have to think about those things when i'm sitting at my desk. it's awesome.

ummm other updates on my life... it's my dad's last day at work tomorrow! he's finally retiring. i'm so happy for him cause i can tell his job has been sucking his soul out of him for a long time. also i'll get to have him at home all day which is pretty cool i think. another update is midnight got a fungal infection :[ not as exciting and actually kind of sad. but it's ok. at the vet they gave her a special vaccine and i've also been cleaning and putting a cream on her infected ear every single night. she lets me do it cause she gets a treat after, which is actually just a flavored cat vitamin. hehehe. we are supposed to go to the vet again for a check up on... *checks date* TODAY! so yeah. i've searched all over google and it says it's not serious so you don't have to be worried. if you were worried, you can stop now.

remember my last entry..? i talked so much smack about my new class and the teacher... well i'm eating my words now because i joined the class again this week just to give it another chance before i drop it and it was actually kind of fun. so i'm not dropping it. the main thing we do is analyze media and it feels like it's just everyone talking about their favorite things. after this week's class i wrote an analysis of american psycho to feel included for next week. and guess what, writing it was also very fun. who knew. i just need to make some edits to it now before i turn it in. also! after september and january... next month i'm looking forward to is APRIL. in case you were curious. i feel less blegh now than when i started writing this. the magic of journaling. woooow. ok bye.