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01-04-23 11:43pm
new layout who this

heeey... this is different, isn't it? kind of. it'll get even more different when i have more time to work on my website. i don't know when that will be because it feels like april will be very busy but we'll see!

yesterday i died. ohhh my gosh. i fricking died. i'm dead. typing from the afterlife. i was so tired last night that i was basically a zombie, then i went to sleep and had some dreams. i've been a dreamer lately. i'll need to make/write something about all these dreams i've been having but that's for another day. yesterday i went to two museums with my friend. one was a shitty art museum that we went into just because it was free but the other one was a stanley kubrick museum which was very cool. i took a couple pictures so maybe i'll add them in here when i add this entry to my website.

here are two pictures from the eyes wide shut section. we spent a lot of time here because my friend loves this movie :]

other than that, i caught up with my friend and had coffee and half a donut at starbucks. it wasn't that crazy of a day but it was very exhausting for some reason. maybe because i also had two online classes before going out. then i came home and slept so good. though i did feel myself spiraling a little bit before falling asleep... mostly because of the dreams i've been having. i know it's weird. i can't describe it. it's impossible to explain what my dreams mean to me. even if i could explain it, you wouldn't be able to understand. it's not your fault, humans are just incapable of fully caring about anything but themselves and their own experiences. i don't blame you, i'm the same way!

today i did a lot of homework. i'm actually proud of myself, i started the day promising myself that i would finish at least three of my four current assignments and then i acually did. go me! and then i finished the day off with a little bit of video games. tomorrow i want to work more on my website. i'm happy with this new layout but i feel like i need to keep adding to it. can you believe it's been almost a year since i created this website? pretty crazy. another thing that's crazy is that i've barely changed at all how things looked up until very recently when i went crazy mode and changed pretty much everything. i don't even know why i decided now was the time, but this is how things tend to work for me. one day it's just time, and i follow that through.

it's getting pretty late. oh, also today was april fools! i only got fooled once and it was just a silly little thing. i remember as a kid april fools used to be this big event where everyone would prank each other all day. nowadays people don't really seem to care all that much. i guess i also don't. what happened? i guess we have things to worry about now. don't have no time for silly jokes. growing up sucks. okay i'm going to sleep now. hoping for more dreams. zzzzZzZzz...