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12-05-22 10:16am
feeling o-kay

today i woke up and everything felt fine. i dreamed. i tend to do that. i have been really slacking off on my dream journal lately... i used to write down every single dream i had but now i just get lazy and then all i have are misspelled and ultimately incomprehensible notes app entries that i wrote with my eyes closed at 4am. i should get back into writing them out properly and all fleshed out. hmmmm. yeah.

i have an hour and 40 minutes before i have to leave for class so technically i could use that time to write out the last couple dreams i've had and also work on my website and get started on an acutal blog where i can post these entries. so far i have just been scribbling them down in my notebook or the notes app. i should probably stop typing this and get to it. yeah okay. okay okay i'm leaving! jeez!!!