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27-04-23 8:49pm
mission april: complete

(listening to... my 8bit muse playlist)

hi!!! it's been a while since i last wrote an entry here. the past couple of days i've been feeling the blogging itch so here i am to update you on my very interesting life that you totally care about. even if you don't, please pretend you do for the rest of this post. sooo... it feels like a lot has happened since my last post. i had my midterms, which mostly went well but i still don't know my grades (lazy teachers too fricking slow at grading!), i trimmed my hair and got rid of my split ends, my mom cut her finger and had to get a couple stiches (ouch, but she's fine now so it's ok), and then i stayed in a hotel for a couple of days and drank ALCOHOL and got DRUNK two nights in a ROW. this might be a normal thing that happens but for me it's unusual. so yeah. april went well. it was a fun time. if i were to rank all of them (september, january, april) i think it would be at the top. april as a month in general was alright as well. it was busy like i had imagined but not too bad. do you understand my codes..? you should have caught on by now.

oh and, i've decided i want another ear piercing. i actually decided that just today. i already have my lobes pierced, i used to have four lobe piercings total but then one from each ear closed up from never wearing earrings so now i'm down to two. i also have my helix pierced on my left ear which is fully healed (got it september 2020) and i wear a horseshoe in it and it looks super epic and cool. so now i'm thinking that i want a daith on that same ear. i just think it looks really nice. google it! i'm in between a daith and a rook but i'm gravitating more towards the daith. even though a lot of websites say that it's hard to wear earbuds with a daith and that's kind of scary but i don't know... i feel like i can make it work. i mostly wear headphones anyway. i'll go to a piercer tomorrow or on saturday so i'll let you know on my next post (whenever that will be) which one i got or if i got one at all.

ummm... what else... today i have a lot of energy because i had a lot of sugar (i know in my last post i was talking about eating healthy, i have been eating healthy you have to believe me, this was just a little treat for myself) and coffee so i am super hyped up. i just got finished jumping around dancing in my room for thirty minutes and then i took a cold shower and then i had some tea. i feel like a wild animal. hopefully i won't be too hyped to fall asleep in an hour or two. ummm yeah. i like a cold shower sometimes. you should try it. i know it sounds bad but it's actually kind of fun if you think about it like a challange in a video game or something. okay i don't think i have anything more to tell you so i'll go. you can stop pretending now.