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22-07-23 11:34am
give me tougher battles

good morning blog -_- last night i went to sleep late because of loud sounds and this morning i woke up early because of loud sounds. but i'm not going to let myself be mad about that. i am setting two goals for myself for today: clear out my photos and take midnight to the vet. easy peasy.

the only exciting thing that's happened since my last entry was that last saturday i went out with my friend and ended up having to sleep over at a random person's house for the night. let me talk about alcohol a little bit. MAGIC POTION. shit genuinely feels really cool when everyone is stupid drunk and a good song is playing and i'm just sitting and looking around, smiling at nothing, and when i turn my head it's in slow motion. but also makes me stupid. creates stupid conflict because of stupid reasons. fun, except more often than not leads to things that aren't fun. so the night was fun until it got weird, when i realized i'll have to find a place to sleep or have to wander the streets till morning comes. two things to take away from this: the importance of planning, and the importance of choosing my words carefully even when my brain feels like a ping pong ball inside my head.

i think i may have messed up by giving the link to this website to people that i would normally want to talk about on my blog. hmm. basically last night i couldn't sleep not only because of my loud neighbor but also because i couldn't stop THINKING. you know the saying "follow your head not your heart"? i think it doesn't matter which one i follow, because they're both STUPID. nothing in my body knows what it's doing. it's crazy how easily and how hardcore obsessed i get with things. courtesy of leading a boring life i guess.