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16-05-22 8:36pm
OFFICES. how cool are they?

(listen to this while reading for the full experience)

there's something about offices. the neatly divided up cubicles. the sound of so many fingers tapping on keyboards simultaneously. everyone with their mugs of coffee. they intrigue me. my dad is a bank manager and my mom used to be one as well before she retired, which means i spent a lot of time in offices as a child. they would sometimes take me to work with them and i would just snoop around all day, talk to the office people, go into all the employee only rooms, make necklaces out of paper clips and rubber bands. no one could say anything to me because, well, my dad is the manager: i get special privileges.

i loved the basement storage room the most. sure, the big safe where all the money is kept was cool and all, but the storage room! it was always colder than the rest of the office, dark and cold with a slightly damp atmosphere. boxes everywhere. so much history and knowledge stored in folders upon folders stacked on shelves. i know no one that works in an office actually likes working in an office, but to me they have always been kind of charming. i would like to work in one some day, maybe not for the rest of my life, but for a little bit.