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13-08-23 1:55am
fucking cupid!

it's two in the morning and i'm going to write about love. okay. this whole post will be very dramatic and over the top so there's your warning. i'm going to be sappy and i'm going to be corny because i feel this so deeply that it's making me think if this bed i'm laying on right now were to open up and i were to start falling into the void, i'd grow big angel wings from all these feelings that i have in my soul and i would fly right back up. don't try to make sense of my analogies. i have lots of emotions. i'm an emotional girl so let me express it for a second.

my heart is so full, so full that i can physically feel it, and i feel it so deeply that it's worrying. i feel happy but also scared sometimes but mostly happy. omg. so happy. like smiling ear to ear happy. in a metaphorical sense. it's kind of scary if you actually imagine it. my god. i haven't had a crush like this since i discovered i could have crushes. i feel like my brain is overtaken and this is too much and not enough at the same time. make it stop but also give me more. does anyone know the difference between love and obsession? or are they the same thing? or can they coexist? any love experts in chat?

i don't think i've ever felt this way about anything or anyone. tell me i'm putting all my eggs in one basket, i don't care, because i love eggs and i'm going to fill my basket to the brim with them. and then i'll eat them. i may have misinterpreted this saying. please god don't let me get hurt and don't make me eat my words. cause i gotta make room in my stomach for all the eggs. do i sound crazy or is this totally normal? either way i just wanted to document the way i'm feeling right now so in the future i can look back and say "awwww". hopefully that's what i say. if i told you to not read this post and you still read it, imagine i'm making an angry face at you right now but also trying to hide my smile.